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Country Kettle Chowda, Chowderfest Champs!

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In the 2019 Chowderfest, Country Kettle Chowda won in the Creative Seafood with our Lobsta Bisque!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are all the kettles for?
Good question! Many of our customers think the gleaming copper kettles lining the walls are for decoration. While we think they do make the shop look beautiful, they are so much more than that. You see, when we make Country Kettle Fudge, we cook each batch to very high temperatures. The secret to our rich, creamy fudge is allowing it to cool slowly and evenly before the hand-whipping begins. Cooling the fudge mixture in copper kettles is the very best way to do that. So all those kettles you see? They could be holding something delicious right now!

Is Country Kettle Fudge gluten free?
We use only the finest freshest ingredients in our family recipe, so our fudge is gluten free with the exception of added items that contain gluten, like Oreo™ cookies.

This is a gift. Can you include a gift card? Does it cost extra?
We are happy to include your sentiments on a nice gift card. Please include your personalized message in the Gift Card Message section upon check out.

What if I’m allergic to nuts?
If you or someone you are buying Country Kettle Fudge as a gift for has an allergy to nuts, dairy or some other potentially life threatening food product, we offer a word of caution. ALL of our fudge is made by hand and shares the same cutting table. Even if you choose a flavor that does not normally have nuts in it, there is always the possibility that it has come in contact with nuts.
(besides the ones who work here!)

What is the best way to store Country Kettle Fudge?
While Country Kettle Fudge is made with fresh milk and rich cream, it does not belong in the refrigerator. In fact, this can dry it out. Since sugar is a natural preservative, your fudge can last for quite some time, neatly stored at room temperature in plastic wrap or a sealed container. If you must store it for more than a week or two it will keep better in the freezer, but who can resist eating it all up for that long?

I would like to send Country Kettle Fudge to our troops. Do you ship to the military stationed overseas?
Yes! We do ship to APO/FPO addresses. In fact, Country Kettle Fudge makes a welcome treat in warm climates as it does not melt as readily as “regular” sweet treats. We ship Country Kettle Fudge via UPS and USPS all year long and all over the country. However, we do not ship to other countries directly.

How do you make Country Kettle Fudge?
So happy you asked! You can view the video of fudge making at Country Kettle Fudge by clicking here.

Do you make sugar-free fudge?
Our fudge can only be made by using real, pure cane sugar.

Where else can I get Country Kettle Fudge?
You can order Country Kettle Fudge online all year ‘round and have it delivered right to your door. However, we also have several locations where you can fully experience the time honored tradition, mouth-watering smells and old fashioned hospitality of Country Kettle Fudge. Here are all of our locations:


Beach Haven
Country Kettle Fudge
Bay Village
9th & Bay Avenue
Beach Haven, NJ 08008
Tel: (609) 492-2800
Fax: (609)492-2810

Surf City
Country Kettle Fudge
20th St & The Blvd.
Surf City, NJ 08008
Tel: (609)494-2822


Newport, Rhode Island
The Newport Fudgery
359 or 168 Thames Street
Newport, RI 02840
Tel: 401-849-2228
Fax: 401-847-6224

Rockport, Massachusetts
Rockport Fudgery
4 Tuna Wharf
Bearskin Neck
Rockport, MA 01966
Tel: (978) 546-2030

Can I Send Fudge To Multiple Addresses With One Order?
Soon you’ll be able to do that directly from our website. For now, if you’d like to send fudge to many different people, please Contact Us to make arrangements.

I Would Like The Fudge To Arrive On An Exact Day, Is That Possible?
We ship USPS Priority Mail and they cannot guarantee arrival on an exact day unless you pay extra for Express Mail. You can however specify an “arrive by” date at checkout and we’ll make sure it arrives on or before the date. We can also write, “Do Not Open until X date” upon request.

Do I Need To Login To The Website To Order?
No, you can order as a guest no problem. If you think you’ll order multiple times, you can register with our website and your contact information will be securely and conveniently stored for future use.

“Payment Received – To Ship When Requested” – What Does This Mean?
You likely specified that you wanted your order to arrive on a future date (more than several business days) from the date you ordered. We organize our fudge orders based on when customers would like them shipped and sometimes need to intentionally delay an order to ensure it arrives just before a birthday or holiday. If you would like your order to be processed as soon as possible, contact us.

I Would Like The Fudge To Arrive On An Exact Day, Is That Possible?
We ship USPS Priority Mail and they cannot guarantee arrival on an exact day unless you pay extra for Express Mail. You can however specify an “arrive by” date at checkout and we’ll make sure it arrives on or before the date. We can also write, “Do Not Open until X date” upon request.

How Do You Ship?
We ship our fudge all over the United States using USPS Priority Mail or Express Mail. We will ship your order within two business days and often within the first 24 hours, unless otherwise specified in your order.

During busy holiday periods however, it may take slightly longer. The shipping time will usually vary between 1-3 business days depending on the shipping method selected and your shipment’s destination. If you need an order rushed for any reason, feel free to call us to ensure on time delivery is possible.

Is there any guarantee with my order?
Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, return the item to us for inspection and we will either refund, replace or offer credit for another item. Not responsible for shipping issues outside of our control however.

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Welcome to our website. We are so glad you’re here! The layout is a little different and navigating it should be simpler. There are some improved functions we hope you like.

For one thing, you’ll be relieved to see we have Salted Caramel as a permanent flavor!

salted caramel

Yep, now you can get Salted Caramel all year ‘round. In fact, we have a handy cheat sheet for you to check out all of our flavors right here.

For another, we have added a feature where you can choose the date you would like us to ship your order. So if you know you want to ship Aunt Jane some fudge for her birthday in June and you think of it in April, you can order and forget it.

We won’t bill you until we ship it on the day you choose. In fact, you could complete all your gift shopping for the year this way. The possibilities are endless! No worries if you don’t choose a ship date. We will ship asap!

Please feel free to browse, have a look around, let us know what you think on our comments link here.

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