Welcome to our website. We are so glad you’re here! The layout is a little different and navigating it should be simpler. There are some improved functions we hope you like.

For one thing, you’ll be relieved to see we have Salted Caramel as a permanent flavor!

salted caramel

Yep, now you can get Salted Caramel all year ‘round. In fact, we have a handy cheat sheet for you to check out all of our flavors right here.

For another, we have added a feature where you can choose the date you would like us to ship your order. So if you know you want to ship Aunt Jane some fudge for her birthday in June and you think of it in April, you can order and forget it.

We won’t bill you until we ship it on the day you choose. In fact, you could complete all your gift shopping for the year this way. The possibilities are endless! No worries if you don’t choose a ship date. We will ship asap!

Please feel free to browse, have a look around, let us know what you think on our comments link here.

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